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Keyboard QWERTY Format Me Kyu Hota Hai ABCDEF me kyu Nahi ??

Kya aapne kabhi socha hai ki computer keyboard ke letters ABCD format layout me na ho kar QWERTY format me hi kyu hota hai?
Agar ha to kya aapko iske bare me pata hai shayad nahi hoga.
Chaliye aaj hum aapko iske bare me details se bta rahe hai.Bahut se log sochte hai ki aakhir keyboard ke letters QWERTY format me hi kyu hote hai shayad aap bhi iske bare mejanna chahate honge.
Ye ek aysa sawaal hai jiske bare me bahut kam log jante hai. Aaj aapko is post me iska sahi jawab mil jayega.
computer par typing karte huye bahut time ho gaya hoga or aap fast typing karne me expert bhi ho sakte ho. Kabhi aapne socha hai ki keyboard me jo button hote hai ye Alphabetical Orderyani A, B, C,D… order me kyu nahi hote hai.
Aap kisi bhi desktop, laptopko dekh lo uska keyboard QWERTY format layout ka hi hota hai or ab to ye layout smartphone and android mobileme bhi aa gaya hai.
Computer Ka Keyboard QWERTY Format Me Kyu Hota Hai ABCDEF me kyu Nahi?
1. Keyboard ka ABCD formatPahle keyboard format ABCDEF format me hi tha is style ko Christopher latham sholesne banaya tha.  Lekin is format me typing karne me wo speed or service nahi mil pati thi jo ki present ke keyboard format system me milti hai. Bahut se logo ne typing speed badhane ke liye kuch experiment kiye, Lekin jo success modle samne aaya wo QWERTY format tha. Isse likhne me bhi aasani hoti thi or typing speed bhi boost hoti thi.
2. Keyboard ka evolutionSabse pahla QWERTY format wala keyboard typewriter bhi Christopher latham sholes ne banaya tha. Lekin is keyboard typewriter me likhna thoda mushkil hota tha iska kararn ye tha ki is keyboard ke key button ke bich ka space utna nahi hota tha jitna ki aaj ke time me hota hai.
Us time me typewriter ki key moti or uthi huyi hoti thi jiski wajah se jaldi jaldi type karna bahut mushkil tha ya yu kaho ki namumkin tha.Iske bad Christopher latham sholes jaise designers ne isme changes karne ki sochi or time ke sath sath isme badlav hote rahe.
Aaj QWERTY format ke keyboard bhi aapko bahut si style me mil jayege or aap apni man pasand style ka keyboard market me se kharid sakte ho.Key Button Ki Duri Se Hai BehtarComputer ke keyboard me bahut sare badlav kiye gaye but sabse behtar keyboard mana gaya jisme key achi duri par ho or typing me button mistake ki problem na ho. Isse aasani se typing kar sakte the wo bhi full speed me.
Now time, computer keyboard me ab bhi bahut se changes kiye gaye hai jo aapko aane wale time me Macbook jaise laptops me dekhne ko milenge.*.
Aaj hum is keyboard ki help se bahut fast typing kar sakte hai. Keyboard ko itna better banane wale Explorers ko iske liye jiotrikz ke tarf se thnxx

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

6+1 Tricks to Make your Android Run Faster [Must Try]

If you are using an Android device than probably you all are facing a common problem and that is the low speed of your Android device.
 When your Android device gets bit older it suddenly sucks. The most probable reason to use a smartphone is for using different Apps, getting free recharges,custom ROMs, third party Apps and a lot more. But when you Smartphones slows don all this becomes dream and your Smartphone becomes a headache for youSo, below I’ve shared some really useful tips and tricks, by following these steps I bet you’ll definitely speed up your Smartphone and make your user experience way better than present
.Questions aske by visitors –
1. How to make android faster ?
2. How can Imake my android faster?
3. Make android phone faster ?
4. How to make android faster without root?So, Below I have shared 7 tips to make android faster –
Tips to Make Android faster –
1. Disable or Uninstall useless Apps –

After a while your phone can get cluttered as some Apps are designed to always run inthe background. If you don’t use anyone of them, if you don’t use your system Apps kindly disable them or uninstall them by Rooting your Android device.
2. Use Power Saving Modes –
The power saving modes included in virtually all phones can save a bit of juice and extend usable time, but they come withdrawbacks. For example, they’ll moderate the clock rate of your processor, and decrease the rate at which the showcase is drawn. Obviously, that makes the phone feel slower. It can be perceptible in case you’re as of now managing execution issues. There is a spot for power saving modes, obviously. When you’re very on battery and life span is more essential than execution, beyond any doubt, turn it on. Most phones even have a setting to naturally empower power saving modes at a sure edge. Simply don’t leave these modes on all the time like a few individuals do.
3. Clear cached App data –
Ca ched data for apps should help them to load more quickly, but it can build up over time to take up quite a lot of space and there will potentially be cached data in there for apps that you no longer use. Sometimes clearing cached data for an appcan also help clear up flaky behavior.
If you want to clear any individual app cached data then go to Settings>Apps andslide over the All tab and tap on the relevant app then choose Clear cache.
4. Use Static rather than Livewallpapers –
Live wallpapers consume processing powerand memory. Unless you really need them, uninstall them.
5. Turn off auto-sync –We allow them to automatically sync in the background to pull in new data and provide us with updates. All this syncing has a big impact on performance, not to mention battery life. You could go to Settings and find Auto-sync under Accounts and just turn it off altogether For a lot of apps, like Facebook and many more, you’ll need to open up the app and find the settings to reduce the sync frequency.
6. Do full factory reset –Full factory reset actually means to format your android device to make it clean all the cache from inside. After reseting the phone it gets faster and it removes all the installedapps from the android device.Also Read – How to hack any Android game  
7.  Disable Hidden Animation –You might have noticed when you open the home screen or any app they open in different effects. By using the below mentioned trick you can increase the performance of the device, but your interface will look a bit less stylish.*.To do this Go to > Setting > About Phone> Tap 7 times on Build Number.*.Now again Go to > Setting > Developer Option > Windows Animation Scale.*.Now turn off Window Animation Scale, Transition Animation scale, and Animator duration scale.One last thing – Don’t use Task Killers or any Antivirus Apps. Android manages tasks very well and Task Killers just make your phone slow down further.So, hence was the post to make android faster. I hope you liked the post. Feel free to comment your reviews in the comment box.Filled Under:

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– How To Send A Massage To Your All WhatsApp Group By One Click.

Today I Wanna Be Share A Superb Whatsapp Trick For User. This Is Brand New WhatsApp Trick. From This Trick You Can Share Also A massage To Your Whatsapp Broadcast Service , Contact, & WhatsApp Group. “How To Send A Message To Your All WhatsApp Group” This Trick Working For  Only Latest WhatsApp Messenger. Not Working For GB WhatsApp Prime Whatsapp ETC
How To Send A Massage To Your All WhatsApp Group By On Click
:-1)  WhatsApp Users Download Latest Version
.2) After Download & Install Open App  Registered A Account.  ( If Already InstalledLatest Version WhatsApp To Your Phone Than Leave All Above Steps)
3. Now Type A massage In WhatsApp Like Below PictureThan Send Massage & Hold click On The Massage For 3 Second. Than You Will Se A Arrow Sine () Click On It.4) Than Selecte Your Whatsapp Groups, Contact, Broadcast List. On bu one.
5) Finally Click On Send Arrow. Thats Done.& One Massage Send To Your All Contact or Group.Final Word Of jiotrkz This Trick Firstly Launch On Tricks Working For only Latest Version WhatsApp. Donot Working Gb Whatsapp , Prime Whatsapp Or Any More Whatsapp. If You Have Any Question So Leave A Comment To Below Comment Box.
Post Complete.
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Monday, November 20, 2017

How to take pictures with a fingerprint scanner on any Android device

martphones nowadays accompany various advantageous highlights. While some of these are programming based, others exploit the equipment. Take for instance, the unique mark sensor. It makes opening your cell phone as simple as a tap of the finger, with no compelling reason to enter in passwords unfailingly. Be that as it may, opening isn't the main thing a unique mark sensor can do. It can likewise be utilized to facilitate a great deal of different errands, for example, taking pictures. 

Much the same as the Google Pixel and Pixel XL accompany unique mark sensor-based motions, Huawei's EMUI skin layer additionally adds additional usefulness to the unique mark scanner. So also, LG V20's unique mark sensor likewise coordinates a power catch. 

Eager to influence your cell phone's unique finger impression sensor to surprisingly better? Here's the means by which you can utilize it to click pictures on any Android cell phone that has one. 

Stage 1) While some android cell phones' unique finger impression sensors bolster the camera application, others don't. So you need to download an application from Google Play Store called 'Dactyl' (It's accessible for trial use for a greatest of 10 times after which you need to buy it) 

Stage 2) After you've downloaded the application, the primary page demonstrates the 'Open Settings Page' alternative. This enables you to design availability and consent settings. 

Stage 3) Once you've conceded authorizations to all the required applications, you'll see all the applications that Dactyl bolsters. These incorporate almost all applications that accompany in-application camera usefulness like WhatsApp and Facebook. 

Stage 4) Once you've chosen all the applications you need to use with the unique mark sensor to take pictures, open the camera application on your cell phone. You will see a 'Dactyl Service Running' notice simply over the screen catch. Presently simply put your finger on the unique mark sensor and you'll have the capacity to click pictures.

How to use the Poll feature on Instagram stories

Photograph sharing stage Instagram added another element to its Stories as of late. This new element is only an intuitive survey sticker that gives you a chance to make an inquiry and get comes about because of your companions and supporters as they vote. 

"Regardless of whether you're endeavoring to design tomorrow's outfit, picking which class to take or making sense of where to go for supper, now it's anything but difficult to share a two-alternative survey appropriate in your story," said the organization in the blog entry. It is important that these surveys vanish following 24 hours as these are a piece of Stories. 

Here is the thing that you have to do to utilize this component: 

1) Open Instagram on your gadget. 

2) Tap the Home tab at the base. 

3) Tap your Profile symbol in the upper left corner or swipe appropriate to make another Story. 

4) Select a picture to add to your story either by catching or choosing from your photograph library. 

5) To include the survey, tap the Emoji symbol at the upper right corner. You can likewise get to the stickers by swiping up from the base of the screen. 

6) Write your inquiry and give out the two alternatives you need. Note that you can give just two choices as this survey is parallel starting at now. 

7) Tap Next to and hit Publish. 

When this survey is dynamic, you can perceive how your supporters are reacting progressively. For this, go to your story and swipe up to see the rundown of watchers and how every single one of them reacted.

Top 10 Tips for Writing an Autoresponse Email

In the event that you are utilizing an Autoresponder benefit (eg. AWeber, GetResponse, MailChimp and so on) at that point chances are that you will compose pre-programmed message messages that will get conveyed to your supporters once they subscribe. Each bit of correspondence that you send adds to the general impression that a client has of your item or administration. Autoresponders can be utilized for straightforward affirmations, bulletins, or even arrangement of pamphlets. Here are ten hints about autoresponder utilize. 

1. Recognize your clients 

Send an email to thank your new clients for joining to peruse your pamphlet. This reminds those clients that you have gotten their select in ask. It ought to likewise give your clients a thought of what they ought to expect in your written work and in addition how oftentimes they should hope to get it. 

2. Make protection approaches perfectly clear 

Your perusers need to realize that their data won't be sold or offered away to different clients or organizations. Place a connection to your security arrangement inside your bulletins. 

3. Withdrawing ought to be as simple as subscribing 

Individuals withdraw for an assortment of reasons. Try not to feel insulted or think about it literally when somebody wouldn't like to be subscribed to your pamphlet. Promptly evacuate the endorser when asked. 

4. Remain in their brains, don't outrage them 

Do you like it when a place sends you an email each day? Try not to send your email out as much of the time as could be allowed. Convey a pamphlet consistently or two. Individuals withdraw for getting excessively email. 

5. Make it individual 

Individuals need to trust that the data in your pamphlet is only for them. Supporters think about how you can help them by and by. Beginning a pamphlet off with 'Dear (name),' is significantly more successful than 'Dear bulletin supporter.' 

6. Utilize appealing and expressive features 

You need a pamphlet that will catch the consideration of your supporters. Experiment with a trial of bulletin features to perceive what works the best. Give perusers a trace of what you are sending them. 

7. Try not to offer 

The pieces that you do with the autoresponder are intended to construct trust and lure perusers to remember you when they have to get your items. They don't should be influenced into purchasing since they definitely realize that you exist. 

8. Reward supporter dedication 

Despite the fact that offering through and through is disliked, offering time constrained coupons isn't. With coupons, you are not going for the hard offer. Rather, you are telling the client that you will be there when they are prepared. 

9. Offer valuable and applicable tips 

Clients are helped to remember the experience that they got when a bulletin is messaged to them. You need to keep that compatibility by sending them tips about subjects inside your mastery. 

10. Keep it straightforward 

Ensure that you have something aced before including another mailing. This applies to administrations and additionally content. You need to ensure that you do one thing extremely a long time before proceeding onward. 

The autoresponder can enable you to acquire guests to your site. You are keeping your clients thinking about your administrations once consistently or two. Offer extraordinary substance to your perusers and they will continue returning.

Friday, November 17, 2017

How to Track Google Analytics Events from Your WordPress Site

Step by step instructions to Track Google Analytics Events from Your WordPress Site 

You are most likely utilizing a WordPress Google Analytics module to track your page visits and other movement related measurements as of now yet consider the possibility that you needed to track how frequently a specific catch or connection gets clicked. You can utilize Google Analytics occasion following to get more bits of knowledge into the accompanying sort of situations: 

Does the red catch gets more snap or the green catch? 

Which "Purchase" catch gets the most taps on my business page (the one in the center or the one toward the end)? 

Which adaptation of the standard gets clicked all the more regularly? 

Google Analytics (GA) is a free administration offered by Google that produces nitty gritty insights about the guests to a site. Google Analytics can be modified to track any number of occasions. You should simply alter the code to coordinate your site's needs. 

Setting up Event Tracking with an Example 

Occasion Tracking is a strategy accessible in the ga.js following code that you can use to record client connection with site components, for example, a catch tap on your site. This is proficient by connecting the strategy call to the specific UI component you need to track. 

To track an occasion (case: a tick on a connection) you have to call the _trackEvent() technique when that occasion happens. The _trackEvent() technique can take up to 4 parameters: 

classification (required) – The name you supply for the gathering of items you need to track. 

activity (required) – A string that is remarkably matched with every classification, and normally used to characterize the sort of client connection for the web protest. 

mark (discretionary) – A discretionary string to give extra measurements to the occasion information. 

esteem (discretionary) – A whole number that you can use to give numerical information about the client occasion. 

A straightforward case delineates how you may utilize the Event Tracking technique to record client collaboration with a connection on your WordPress page. 

<a href="" onClick="_gaq.push(['_trackEvent', 'Connection Clicks', 'Items', 'The item interface on the business page']);">Visit Products Page</a> 

The above will track what number of individuals tapped on the "Visit Products Page" interface from that specific page. It will record the occasion in the "Connection Clicks" class with the activity being "Items" and the name being "The item interface on the business page". 

Case of Tracking Clicks on a Link and Clicks on a Button 

Ensure you have a WordPress Google Analytics Plugin introduced. I prescribe utilizing the Yoast Google Analytics module. 

1) Now simply put the accompanying code in your post or page (adjust the href parameter as you require). This will track an occasion everytime somebody taps the "Visit Products Page" connect. 

<a href="" onClick="_gaq.push(['_trackEvent', 'Connection Clicks', 'Items', 'The item interface on the unique offer page']);">Visit Products Page</a> 

2) If you need to track a tick on a catch at that point add the accompanying to your catch's onclick parameter: 

<input type="button" name="submit-catch" value="Submit" onclick="_gaq.push(['_trackEvent', 'Catch Clicks', 'Items', 'The blue catch on the deals page']);"/> 

The blue hued code above will track each snap of this catch as an occasion. On the off chance that you have a couple of catches on your business page for instance, you can dole out one of a kind messages to each catch and afterward discover which one got tapped the most. 

The most effective method to View the Event Tracking Report in Analytics 

Since you have the following code set up you most likely need to see the report and discover which occasions are famous. Just sign into your Google Analytics account and go to "Content" - > "Occasion Tracking" area to see the occasion following report. 

Make sure to sit tight for a couple of hours before you check your details however (There is a postponement in Google Analytics details). 

Case with WP eStore catches 

A couple of my WordPress Shopping Cart clients have asked me how they can track the "Add to truck" or "Purchase Now" catch clicks. Here is a speedy case that demonstrates to you industry standards to track purchase catch clicks made utilizing the WP eStore module without altering the module code. Basically include the substance of the accompanying connect to your topic's header or footer. It has one case of each sort of catch click following ("Add to Cart", "Purchase Now" and "Membership"). 

Google Analytics Tracking Code for WP eStore catch Clicks 

Presently go and execute some occasion following for your site